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Commonly known as pimples. Common age is 13 to 30 years. Common cause of acne are hormonal changes, seborrhoea (oily skin), ceratin cosmetic products, cosmetic procedures, high glycemic food, oily and spicy food, propniobacterium acne(bacteria).
Symptoms :
  • Red coloured boils
  • Pus filled boils
  • Painful
  • Post pimple marks
  • Scars(deep or superficial)
  • Red coloured and pus filed boils on back and/or shoulders
  • Most commonly accompanied with dandruff
  • It may also be associated with lack of confidence, less self esteem, depression.
Treatment Options :
  • Oral, topical treatments and cosmetic procedures.
It gives Temporary Glow To The Skin By Removing Topmost Dead Layer Of The Skin. However The Effect Is Temporary. It Can Be Done Before Parties Or Important Occasions.

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