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  • POTEC REFRACTOMETER for automated spectacle determination.
  • SLIT LAMP : For analysis of the cornea, cataract, glaucoma, retina and uvea.
  • INDIRECT OPHTHALMOSCOPY :For detailed retina evaluation
  • OPTICAL BIOMETER (Lenstar) : For highly accurate eye parameter measurement like Lens calculation, corneal thickness analysis, Corneal curvature analysis.
  • A SCAN PLUS : Ultrasound biometer to measure the eye in case of advanced cataract
  • APPLANATION TONOMETER : For eye pressure measurements nd Glaucoma evaluation
  • YAG laser : For treatment of post cataract opacifications and certain types of Glaucoma
  • OCT : For analysis of various parameters of the Retina and Glaucoma
  • GREEN LASER : This is used to treat a variety of Retinal problems

Zenith International Lasik Centre

Advantages of International Lasik Centre :
It is dedicated laser centre with staff trained particularly for LASIK. Here a thorough evaluation of the comea, its thickness curvature anterior and posterior and an analysis of lower and higher order aberrations is performed by two advanced dignostic systems as under.
1. Sirius Topographer :
  • Combined Placcido + Schiempflug based technology
  • Complete anterior and posterior float evaluation of cornea
  • Keratoconus evaluation software
  • Picks up early keratoconus
  • i. Topolyzer : It takes four images of the anterior corneal surface which picks up lower and higher order aberrations of individual cornea which can be remmoved by a treatment called Contoura. It also takes an image of your iris and locks it into the machine for very accurate treatment. It is very highly recommended for cylindrical numbers. The machine then accurately tracks eye movement and treat the axis of cylinder more perfectly.
    2. SBK Keratome :
  • Preassembled keraome + No need to assemble on eye
  • Complete visibility throughout procedure unlike pendular keratomes.
  • Almost zero chance of free caps or button boling.
  • Flap profile equivalent or better than femto flaps.
  • 90 and 130 micron flap thickness options available.
  • Accuracy in range of +/-10 microns.
  • 3. Treatment is done with the Alcon Ex-500 Laser machine :
    Speed and accuracy are very important in Lasik treatment. It is one of the fastest and most accurate laser systems in the world. It delievers 500 precise laser Shots in a second.
    To ensure that these laser spots are accurate in placement 1050 image of your eye are taken each second and the laser beam is accordingly directed in case of eye movements. Accurate cylinder treatment is possible because of iris registration. feature available only in some laser machines.
    The features include :
  • Treats 1D in 1.4 sec
  • 5 Diopters in 7 sec
  • Lesser corneal drying
  • Less exposure time of corneal bed to atmosphere
  • Better wow factor on same day of surgery
  • Fluence and treatment pattern adjusted to maximise speed and minimize corneal heating
  • Wavefront optimised treatment to reduce aberrations lesser night glare haloes
  • Multidimensional eye tracking
  • 1050 Hz eye tracker
  • Slow and turbo focusing.
  • The slow focusing allows perfect centration and focusing
  • Cyclotorsion comensation
  • Inbuilt slit lamp examine on table for any debris under flap

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